Our partners in supporting education worldwide

Teachers are critical to the success of our students and future workforce, which is why ExxonMobil supports organizations that work directly with educators. Partners like the UTeach Institute, National Math and Science Initiative and Teach for America ensure that classroom teachers are well-prepared and able to help students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and future careers.
UTeach Institute

The UTeach Institute is working to solve the need for more qualified math and science teachers. These teachers will impact the success and future of our students and the ability of our country to remain competitive.

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Teach for America

Teach For America (TFA) and ExxonMobil share a vision of making access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education widely available. Since TFA’s founding in 1990, ExxonMobil has supported TFA every year, helping them become the largest and most diverse provider of STEM teaching talent in the country. ExxonMobil has also fueled TFA’s efforts to strengthen the impact of its STEM teachers, especially in the communities of Houston and South Louisiana.

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Teach for All

ExxonMobil launched a partnership with Teach For All in 2015. Our support has helped Teach For All expand its network to new countries and regions, deepen the impact of network teachers and alumni in the area of STEM education, and work toward our shared long-term vision to help more students fulfill their potential. The Teach For All global organization is also working to support the launch and growth of sustainable network partner organizations with the capacity to drive systemic, long-term progress in education on behalf of marginalized and underserved children the world over. Our support has directly helped six programs in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Romania and Vietnam. As of 2018, the global network exists in 48 countries.

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Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy

Held jointly by the National Center for Educator Development, Qatar University (QU) and ExxonMobil Qatar, the Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy is an innovative professional development program established in 2012 to enhance math and science teaching skills among educators.

International education initiatives
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The National Math + Science Initiative

The National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI) College Readiness Program, which has been implemented in over 1,000 schools since 2008, dramatically increases the number of students taking and passing rigorous math, science and English exams, and expands access to traditionally underrepresented students.

NMSI’s Laying the Foundation teacher training program helps teachers in grades 3-8 work through model lessons and discuss strategies for engaging students with interesting content while building conceptual understanding.

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