ExxonMobil unveils Thailand 2024 business plan

  • Catering to diverse needs with Mobil 1and Mobil Super
  • Celebrate Mobil 150th Anniversary – The living proof of trust from consumers and motorsports partners worldwide

April 24th, 2024, Bangkok – ExxonMobil Marketing (Thailand) Limited  revealed its 2024 business plan for Thailand under the theme, “Unrivaled quality, Journey with confidence,” levering on the strength of “Quality Wins with Mobil™ lubricants, while offering Mobil Super™ to fulfill diverse consumer needs. This year, the company targeted 10% growth for its flagship product, Mobil 1™.

Today, there are more than 20 million personal vehicles on the roads of Thailand,1 ranging from personal cars for daily commutes to pickup trucks for heavy loads. Engine oil is a key element that enables the cars’ engines to function consistently. Therefore, good engine oil must effectively protect the engines, enhance their performance, extend lifespan, and improve fuel economy to enable all vehicles to function as intended in transporting goods and people.

Quality Wins – Mobil’s Vision and DNA

Manoch Munjitjuntra, director of ExxonMobil Marketing (Thailand) Limited and lubricant sales manager, said, “Mobil™ has been in Thailand for over 90 years. The word ‘quality’ is not just a standard but our way of work. Our commitment to ‘Quality Wins’ shows in every product we deliver. This year, under the theme, “Unrivaled quality, Journey with confidence,” we want to be the top-of-mind brand regarding quality and innovation. Customers can trust our products, which have proven successful.”

Driving Ultimate Performance with Mobil 1™ and Extending Proven Protection with Mobil Super™2

“With our commitment to quality and innovation, we applied the technology used in Mobil 1™ to the production of Mobil Super™ as well. While Mobil 1™ serves the drivers of high-performance cars, Mobil Super™ serves those who want to protect their engines from heavy usage, such as pickup trucks and SUVs. As part of our customer base expansion plan in 2024, we plan to utilize our products’ highlights to capture more customers.”

“We are targeting 10% growth for our flagship products, Mobil 1™, and expanding Mobil Super™ customer base through the network of more than 700 auto part shops and 1,400 car maintenance workshops and lubes centers, including Mobil 1 Center, B-Quik, and Auto1 network. We planned to add 30-50 service locations this year to become more accessible to our customers,” said Manoch

50 Years of Mobil 1 Success is Proof of World-Class Innovation and Quality.

Mobil 1™ is the first full synthetic engine oil introduced in 1974. From then on, it continues to be widely recognized as the leader in the engine oil industry. Various leading racing teams, including Oracle Red Bull Racing, Porsche Racing, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, and high-performance carmaker partners like Porsche, have trusted this flagship product.

Mobil™ is committed to developing future products to support modern engine technologies, electric vehicles, and the automotive industry.

“For 50 years, we have believed that ‘Quality Wins’ and ‘Quality’ are the driving forces that propel us to develop the best possible oil for our customers. We continue to maintain our quality standard and innovate for the future,” said Manoch

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  1. From the transportation statistics report, fiscal year 2019-2023 https://web.dlt.go.th/statistics/plugins/UploadiFive/uploads/6f6897ce35cd1d6a488eab4c29a548a0b5d0973421176078322eff0d7d61b5a5.pdf
  2. Based on Sequence IVB (Iron Wear) test results compared to API SP standards for Mobil Super All-in-one Protection 0W-20 and 5W-30 only.