Supporting Indonesia's lower carbon future

We have been working on initiatives in our operations to reduce our emissions, and are working on solutions to help others reduce theirs.

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Low Carbon Solutions

ExxonMobil established its Low Carbon Solutions (LCS) Asia Pacific business in 2021, working to accelerate a lower-emission future.

The Indonesia LCS team is working on studying and developing Carbon capture and storage (CCS) hub in the region. These will help hard-to-abate sectors like cement, energy and chemicals, and steel, to reduce their emissions. We believe a network of regional CCS hubs could help industry across Asia meet its decarbonization goals.

Indonesia CCS hub opportunity

We are working with Indonesian state-owned company Pertamina to advance a joint evaluation of a potential CCS hub.

The potential Indonesian CCS project is located underneath the Java Sea and could hold approximately three metric gigatons of CO2, which could make it the largest storage site in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is helping push Asia Pacific toward a lower-carbon future, as it makes moves towards becoming a hub for domestic and regional carbon capture and storage.

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