ExxonMobil Guyana Celebrates International Women's Day

Georgetown, Guyana – ExxonMobil Guyana takes this opportunity on International Women’s Day 2022 to express our appreciation for the contributions women have made—and continue to make—to the company and the wider society. 

The theme this year, #BreakTheBias, is a goal every member of the company is encouraged to work towards.  ExxonMobil Guyana will continue to encourage its female employees in every aspect of their development and provide equal opportunities for them to succeed.

We are also committed to supporting women and girls in the wider community as part of our focus on women’s empowerment through our contributions and sponsorships.

Providing a comment at the ExxonMobil Guyana-sponsored We Lift 2 Exhibition on Saturday, Community Relations Manager Suzanne De Abreu lauded the growth of women in business locally despite the challenges of the last two years.

“It just reinforces what we already know – that women are resilient and today, as ExxonMobil Guyana partners with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security to promote women businesses in Guyana, it’s clear to see that we are determined and driven to succeed. ExxonMobil Guyana recognizes and applauds the contributions of Women globally and, today especially, here in Guyana,” she said.
There are some 800 women supporting ExxonMobil Guyana’s activities.

ExxonMobil Guyana has been making community investments that provide empowerment opportunities to women through capacity building initiatives that are intended to have real and positive impacts in their lives and within households.

One example of this is the WeLead 2019 programme, which was designed to tackle the lack of business development and training opportunities for women in Regions 2 and 3. Not only do these programmes aim to provide knowledge and a deeper understanding of best practice, but they also seek to enhance motivation and self-awareness of the participants’ capability to contribute and lead in the business world.

In 2020, ExxonMobil Guyana brought the Global Women in Management programme to Guyana which helped develop women’s leadership and managerial skills. Other recent programmes supported by the ExxonMobil Foundation, including the Road to Growth and AccelerateHER, provided useful training and tools to enhance success and contribute to the promotion of sustainable socioeconomic business practices.