With a new name the ExxonMobil Journalism Awards celebrates 60 years of dedication to the Brazilian press

The ExxonMobil Journalism Award has reached the impressive milestone of 60 years of uninterrupted existence with a new name and readjusted values.
  • The name change reflects the sponsor’s current business in Brazil
  • The essence of the country’s most prestigious awards remains unchanged
  • Values have been readjusted and prizes total R$123,200.00
  • Applications accepted from today until July 16

The ExxonMobil Journalism Award has reached the impressive milestone of 60 years of uninterrupted existence with a new name and readjusted values. The name reflects the sponsor’s current business structure in Brazil. However, the essence of the oldest and most prestigious media awards in the country remains unchanged — retaining the categories, evaluation systems, and impartiality for which the awards are known. From today until July 16, journalists from all over Brazil can submit their work for appraisal by the judging panels via the website www.premioexxonmobil.com.br.

“The Esso brand name has been gradually withdrawn from the market over the past five years,” explains the ExxonMobil President in Brazil, Alexandre Láper Marques. “Today we operate in Exploration and Production of Oil and Chemicals and Service Provision. All of these lines, with a total of over 1,500 employees, are under the corporate brand name, which is ExxonMobil. We feel that it’s more coherent to reflect this reality in our most relevant sponsorship”.

The sums intended for the winners were readjusted, totaling R$123,200.00 gross in the current run. The ExxonMobil Journalism Award will honor 14 winners, including Television Journalism, Reporting and the Primary Award, which bears the program’s name. The winners will be announced on October 19 and the award ceremony will be held in November at the Copacabana Palace (Rio de Janeiro).

Journalistic works published in print media or aired by television stations throughout Brazil between August 13, 2014 and July 16 of this year can be submitted to the judging panel through the website www.premioexxonmobil.com.br. Interested parties can refer to the rules and regulations and find answers to questions on the website.

The winners will be chosen by professionals with extensive experience working in newsrooms. The entries will be evaluated by roughly 90 participating judges, including journalists, university professors, and media specialists. The entire process is free from any interference by the sponsor.


For print media, electronic files of written articles and photos should be attached and submitted along with the application form on the website www.premioexxonmobil.com.br. For the Graphic Design (Newspaper/Magazine) and Front Page categories, the online form is required for submission, and five copies of the work must be sent via postal service. TV Journalism applications follow the same pattern but with the submission of six copies on DVD of the competing entry.


  • ExxonMobil Journalism Award: R$33,000
  • ExxonMobil Television Journalism Award: R$22,000
  • ExxonMobil Reporting Award: R$11,000
  • Photography: R$11,000
  • Economic News: R$5,500
  • Scientific, Technological or Environmental News: R$5,500
  • Education: R$5,500
  • Front Page: R$5,500
  • Graphic Design — Newspaper: R$5,500
  • Graphic Design — Magazine: R$5,500
  • Northern/Northeastern Region: R$3,300
  • Central-West Region: R$3,300
  • Southeastern Region: R$3,300
  • Southern Region: R$3,300

Prize values are gross and applicable taxes will be deducted.

The print media entries will initially be judged by a committee of more than 30 members, which will nominate the submissions considered best to go on to the final phase. The articles selected in the first phase will be submitted to new analyses by groups of four, six, and up to 13 judges. The multiple assessment system ensures an average of over 6,000 reviews per edition.

Each category will have five finalists, except for the ExxonMobil Photography Award (10 projects) and the ExxonMobil Television Journalism Award (up to 10 projects). The winners, in both print media and TV Journalism, will be chosen by final awards committees, and the judges will meet in person. The winning photograph will be designated by a special panel including 50 photo editors via the Internet.

The illustration for the current edition was chosen by means of a competition to which the winners of the graphics categories during the past 10 years were invited. The challenge was to celebrate 60 years of history, communicate the name change, and point out that the premises such as the democratization of access for journalists, transparency and the independence of judges will remain unchanged. The competition winner was the designer Renata Maneschy with the illustration, “Os nomes mudam, o Jornalismo continua” (Names change, Journalism continues). Renata, a journalist and designer, was a seven-time finalist and won the Newspaper Graphic Design category four times. “We may be in a time of crisis and uncertainty, but two things stand: passion for journalism and its most important award. Who doesn’t want to be a part of this story? Who doesn’t want to win an ExxonMobil Award? The names change. Journalism continues”, she says.

About ExxonMobil – 103 years in Brazil

One of the biggest private oil and petrochemicals companies in the world, ExxonMobil, is present in about 200 countries and territories. In Brazil, it’s the oldest oil exploration company and has been operating for 103 years. Currently, the company operates in the areas of Exploration and Production, Chemicals and Services in the cities of Curitiba, São Paulo, Paulínia and Rio de Janeiro.

ExxonMobil has supported Brazilian journalism for over 70 years, sponsoring the “Repórter Esso” program, an historic Brazilian radio and television show and the ExxonMobil Journalism Awards. Also in the culture area, there is a key partnership with Unilehu for the project “Um mundo para todo mundo” (A world for everyone), which addresses disability in a playful way by means of puppetry.

In the corporate citizenship area, the Programa Mais, in partnership with CIEE-RJ, prepares low-income students for entry into university studies, and Grife Refazer, in partnership with the Refazer NGO, offers vocational training for mothers of children and adolescents suffering from severe and chronic illnesses, and who are under treatment at the Fernandes Figueira Institute.


Applications: from June 3 to July 16, 2015

Eligible works: Published/Aired between August 13, 2014 and July 16, 2015

Website: www.premioexxonmobil.com.br


Journalism: www.premioesso.com.br/site/regulamentos/jornalismo.aspx

Tel.: www.premioesso.com.br/site/regulamentos/telejornalismo.aspx

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