ExxonMobil supports Universidade Federal do Paraná in an initiative to promote the application of artificial intelligence for data analysis

Rio de Janeiro, January 18, 2023 - ExxonMobil, a global company in the oil and gas sector, announced its support for the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) to develop a solution, based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, which aims to expand negotiations with customers in the areas of sales, marketing and distribution operations. The objective is for the Virtual Assistant to guide the interested parties, from the areas of fuels, lubricants and chemical products, in the decision-making process in relation to the technological and economic aspects of the products of the lines of business. 
  • The project's proposal is to develop a Virtual Assistant capable of guiding internal users in the search for information for data analysis and generation of new business opportunities.
  • The initiative is by ExxonMobil's Research & Development area, with an investment of R$ 1.3 million and will last for 36 months.

The investment will be in Curitiba, but may have global application depending on the results, and had an investment of R$ 1.3 million for three years, made possible by the company's Research & Development area. Through research, it will be possible to increase reliability in obtaining commercial information in a quick, accurate and relevant way for the company's indicators.

“This initiative is in line with ExxonMobil's culture of supporting science and technology. The project demonstrates the company's interest in promoting research, through academic means”, says Márcio Bastos, ExxonMobil's Commercial Director in Brazil.

“The project is very important, as it stimulates University and Company cooperation, which is essential for the sustainable development of society. And, even more important, is the human dimension, that is, the students, researchers and company employees involved in the project can work with the highest level of technology in terms of Artificial Intelligence and, in this way, expand their knowledge and potential”, mentions Prof. Luiz Fernando de Lima Junior, Director of the UFPR Technology Sector.

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