ExxonMobil Supports Circular Economy Initiative in Manaus

RIO DE JANEIRO, December 12, 2022 – ExxonMobil, a global company in the oil and gas sector, announced support for the YouGreen Cooperative model in Manaus, which works to solve waste management problems, offering environmental and economic solutions through the emancipation of collectors' cooperatives. With a contribution of US$ 65,000, the objective is to ensure the correct collection and disposal of recyclable waste, with a focus on plastic, in the capital of Amazonas.

Dec. 12, 2022

ExxonMobil Supports Circular Economy Initiative in Manaus
  • The objective is to collect recyclable waste, with focus on plastic, and its correct destination 
  • The forecast is that 100 tons of waste will be recycled per month, tripling the income of collectors in Manaus (Amazonas)  
  • A contribution of US$ 65,000 will be used to purchase equipment, which aims to improve the Cooperative's infrastructure and working conditions

With the contribution of ExxonMobil, which is a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (https://endplasticwaste.org/), YouGreen will be able to expand the infrastructure, machinery and accelerate the recovery of the plastic collected by the collectors of EcoCooperativa, the first franchisee from YouGreen in the city. In addition, part of the amount will be used to publicize the YouGreen model in Amazonas, ensuring visibility for this project and also for local commercial support, facilitating prospecting, visits and the start of operations. The project is scheduled to start in December 2022.

The cooperative will adopt the YouGreen model and will become part of a shared services center, which has legal advice and a commercial department, in addition to having an area for training and educational processes for waste pickers.

The estimate is that the implementation will take place in one year and that, in up to 32 months, 100 tons will be recycled per month, with 35 members and an average monthly revenue of US$ 19,000 reverted to the cooperative.

ExxonMobil's work with YouGreen is aligned with the company's business. “We have a presence in the chemical sector in Brazil, with solutions for different sectors of the Brazilian economy. We share the concern regarding plastic waste and, therefore, we carry out mitigation actions, environmental preservation and contribution to economic growth”, says Ana Cristina Paiva, ExxonMobil's Polyethylene Regional Sales Manager in Latin America. "ExxonMobil has been developing products that can be recycled more easily, as well as advancing chemical recycling technology for use in a broader range of products and also for improvements in the recovery of plastic waste."

Founded in 2011, YouGreen is the first waste management franchise network in Brazil and has 60 members with income 3 times higher than the average in the country. The first ones were implemented in Rio de Janeiro and in cities in São Paulo, such as Guarujá and Ibitinga.

According to the founder of YouGreen, Roger Koeppl, “EcoCooperativa expects to collect more than 100 tons of waste per month by 2025, which could reach 1,200 tons in the year”. Still according to Koeppl, “although plastic is responsible for 24% of all selective collection in Brazil, the raw material is the main source of reuse, later transformed into products such as t-shirts, furniture and hundreds of other utensils”.

In Brazil, according to a survey by the National Movement of Recyclable Materials Collectors (MNCR), there are about 1 million active recyclable waste collectors. The 2021 Recycling Yearbook proves the importance of these people's work for the entire chain. According to the study, around 1 million tons of materials were recovered in 2020, generating a turnover of BRL 800 million.

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