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Emerging vehicle and fuel technology

We actively support initiatives to reduce consumer emissions from the use of our products in the transportation sector. These include research efforts with partner universities and other companies to address the fuel and vehicle as a single system to improve efficiency.

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Fuel technologies and advanced motor oil innovation

ExxonMobil is committed to developing and supplying quality fuels, which is why we have an entire active research organization dedicated to ensuring that the product pumped into your vehicle is the latest technology in industry innovation.

Additionally, our breakthrough lubricants offer drivers a longer interval between oil changes and improved engine efficiency, while still providing outstanding performance and protection.  Our specially formulated synthetic motor oil products are tailored to improving engine function, whether it be for greater durability, better wear protection or running a cleaner engine.

Research and development highlights
For all the talk about energy sources it’s easy to overlook what will likely make the single biggest contribution to meeting global energy needs in coming decades. It’s energy efficiency — technologies and actions that enable us to do the same, or more, only with less energy.
Suzanne McCarron
Suzanne McCarron

Vice President, public and government affairs at ExxonMobil

Advanced plastics pave the way for sustainability and fuel efficiency

 Around the world the automotive industry is facing many challenges, not the least of which is a desire to produce more sustainable vehicles while improving fuel efficiency, safety, vehicle performance and driver comfort. In order to meet these current standards, automakers have turned to plastic parts, which are just as durable as other materials but are much lighter.
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A small, but crucial, link in today's global supply chain Meet Celestia™, the breakthrough catalyst that can help refiners create ultra-low-sulfur diesel while using less energy and producing less emissions. Only 1.5 millimeters in diameter, it is a remarkable piece of technology that can reduce the environmental impact of the commercial transportation network delivering goods all over the world.

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Science and racing meet inside the F1 mobile lab When you think of Formula 1, you probably imagine fast cars dashing towards a checkered flag. But ExxonMobil technical advisors Sean Dunnett and Dario Izzo cross their finish line before the race even begins.

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A data transformation in America's energy frontier Welcome to the oilfield of the future, where wells across hundreds of miles communicate with each other and operators can rely on data-driven insights and real-time automation to make faster, smarter decisions.

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Is natural gas the fuel of the future, today? A natural gas-powered train or bus or truck? And what about a cargo ship cruising on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)? They all exist.

Natural gas Energy Factor Feb. 15, 2019

The Las Vegas testing grounds for new motor oil There’s nothing typical about Las Vegas. It’s an extravagant display of big lights and palpable energy in the middle of the Mojave Desert — a severe environment that is harsh on both people and the cars they drive.

Emerging tech Energy Factor Feb. 13, 2019