ExxonMobil Chemical in Brazil

ExxonMobil Química in Brazil is located in São Paulo and has sales offices that serve all regions of the country.

Article March 31, 2021

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ExxonMobil Chemical in Brazil
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Our chemical area is a world leader in the production of oxygenated solvents and hydrocarbons, with applications in the paint, adhesives, pharmaceutical and agricultural products, among others.

The Intermediates products are internationally recognized as the following global brands:

  • ACTREL - Specially designed fluids for industrial cleaning
  • DF 2000 - Cutting-edge solvents for dry cleaning
  • ESCAID - Special fluids for the mineral exploration industry
  • EXX-PRINT - High quality products for printing inks
  • EXXAL - Oxo-alcohols with C6 to C13 carbon chains
  • EXXSOL - Hydrogenated hydrocarbons with low aromatic content
  • ISOPAR - Isoparaffinic high purity hydrocarbons
  • JAYFLEX - Plasticizers for the PVC industry
  • NAPPAR - Cycloparaffinic hydrocarbons
  • SOLVESSO - Heavy aromatic solvents
  • VARSOL - Aliphatic hydrocarbons

In addition to these products, the Intermediates division also markets other chemical intermediates: aliphatic solvents, isopropyl alcohol (IPA). For more information, please call 0800 727 3776 or email: pedidosquimicos.brasil@exxonmobil.com.



We have always been innovating in the rubber industry since the invention and patent of butyl rubber in 1937. We are global leaders in high quality technology and products.

Special Elastomers

We have one of the largest elastomer portfolios in the industry. We provide innovative EPDM rubber and thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) solutions for our customers, combined with support in technology, design and global footprint.

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