State lobbying


State lobbying
ExxonMobil’s state lobbying activities and expenses are reported on various state websites, in accordance with the disclosure requirements of each state. In order to provide increased transparency, these activities and expenses have been consolidated below. This list includes states where ExxonMobil’s in-house and contract lobbyists engaged in lobbying activities during 2020, along with a description of the issues lobbied as reported to the relevant state agency. These descriptions vary depending on state laws, and where no description of lobbying activity is required, we have provided a general overview of our engagement.

2020 state lobbying activity

In-house and contract


ExxonMobil State Lobbying Expenditure (USD)

Issues Lobbied

Alaska $182,971 Alaska oil and gas issues, policies, and tax legislation
California $150,232

AB 345

AB 1080

AB 2570

AB 3214

SB 54

SB 972

SB 1044

State Budget

Executive Order N-79-20

Massachusetts $18,000 Energy policy - oil & gas
New Jersey $95,250 Allow corporations to hold remote shareholder meetings
New Mexico $78,539 New Mexico oil and gas issues, tax policies
New York $84,692


Emergency Purchase of Isopropyl Alcohol

Energy & natural resources - environmental conservation/preservation

Energy & natural resources - oil/fuel/gas

Health - general

Pennsylvania $104,706 Business, energy, environment, natural resources, taxation, utilities
Texas $154,972

Agriculture, alcoholic beverage regulation, business & commerce, city government,

civil remedies & liabilities, coastal affairs & beaches, common carriers, consumer protection,

corporations & associations, county government, disaster preparedness & relief,

economic & industrial development, education, energy, environment, fees & other non-tax revenue,

highways & roads, insurance, labor, lawyers, malpractice-health care providers,

mines & mineral resources, occupational regulation, oil & gas, parks & wildlife, political subdivisions,

probate, product liability, property interests, public lands, safety, special districts & authorities,

state agencies, boards & commissions, state finances, taxation, tort reform, transportation, utilities,

vehicles & traffic, water, weapons.

Vermont $24,000 Transportation and fuel policy
Virginia $100 Lobbying registration fee