Grassroots lobbying communications


Grassroots lobbying communications

Exxchange is ExxonMobil’s online, grassroots community made up of energy supporters from around the country who are interested in the industry, and are willing to engage with their respective lawmakers on public policy issues.

In 2020, Exxchange members supported policies that would have a positive impact on ExxonMobil’s business operations or voiced their opposition to proposals adverse to the company, its employees, or the communities where we operate. This advocacy is consistently aligned with the company’s public policy positions on all issues.

Grassroots lobbying efforts were mainly focused at the state-level, with communications that addressed a bill in Illinois targeting petroleum refineries and petrochemical facilities with onerous labor and wage requirements; the Texas Railroad Commission’s consideration to limit oil and gas production in the state; the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s proposal to increase oil well setbacks to 2,000 feet; and a ballot measure in Alaska seeking to increase the state’s oil and gas production tax. In addition, advocacy efforts also included a national campaign focused on fracking, and a local effort aimed at growing support for a trucking permit for the Santa Ynez Unit in Santa Barbara, California.

In total, $1,051,496.03 was spent on these grassroots lobbying communications via Exxchange in 2020.

In addition, Exxchange also provided broad information and education on a range of public policy issues. While no advocacy action was proposed or taken in the interests of transparency, we provide below a list of all topics that were communicated with Exxchange members:

  • Reducing methane emissions
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Technology and climate change
  • Economic impact of energy
  • Importance of natural gas
  • Manufacturing in the United States
  • Oil and gas production
  • Essential infrastructure
  • Offshore exploration