Article Nov. 21, 2018

Production and handling

Girassol is produced by a joint venture between Total-Fina-Elf, ExxonMobil, BP, Statoil and Norsk Hydro. ExxonMobil holds a 20% equity interest.

Girassol is located 210 km off the coast of Luanda, Angola. Subsea wellheads are located in 4,500 feet of water. Recoverable reserves are estimated at 630 million bbls. Production began in December 2001 and is currently at ~220 kbd. 

The storage capacity of the FPSO is 2MB. 

Load Port Data

The FPSO has two offloading systems:

The main offloading system includes a loading buoy, located approximately one mile away from the bow of the FPSO. This system can accommodate tankers up to 350 KDWT. The nominal offloading rate is 38 KBD/hr through two rigid steel 16" lines. 

The tandem offloading is designed to accommodate tankers up to 200 KDWT at a nominal offloading rate of 50 KB/hr. 

Typical characteristics

Girassol is a medium density, low sulfur crude, with low vanadium and nickel contents. The crude has high yields of good quality middle distillates with good cetane index. Suitable for jet fuel production with some quality giveaways (freezing point, smoke point and aromatics). Excellent Vacuum Distillate quality for catalytic cracker feedstock.

  • Gravity 30.2
  • Sulfur 0.35%
  • Load port Girassol FPSO


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