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Fast Email

What is Fast Email?

  • Fast Email enables the receipt of electronic invoices in PDF format by EM Affiliates
  • Payables is eliminating paper invoices to streamline our payment processes
  • What’s in it for our suppliers?
  • It’s free and it reduces costs — no more postal mail or courier costs
  • Visibility — suppliers receive email notifications when invoices are rejected
  • ExxonMobil receives vendor invoices much faster which promotes on-time payment
  • Reduces or eliminates time spent on: ”Where is my payment / invoice?”

Fast Email is currently available in the following EM affiliate countries

If you are a supplier for ExxonMobil in one of these 17 countries, please send an email to the regional contacts listed to request more information on Fast Email. Payables will handle the rest.

Asia Pacific Europe United States  Canada
Australia Belgium Italy    
Malaysia Czech Republic Luxembourg    
New Zealand Finland Netherlands    
Papua New Guinea France Norway    
Singapore Germany  Sweden    
  United Kingdom    
graphic explaining the process of how payable specialists help suppliers

Payment Status tool

The global Payment Status tool is a cloud-based technology solution, provided by GEP. It will enable you to see the status of invoices in a secure format with improved interaction.

Key features include:

  • Full transparency on invoice status, including pending invoices and six months of history
  • Submit documents to help resolve issues and communicate account changes in a secure way
  • Ability to contact us for various types of requests

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