ExxonMobil donates fire truck to Lamar Institute of Technology

Beaumont, Texas – ExxonMobil today announced the donation of a fire truck to Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) to support training at the regional fire academy.

LIT’s regional fire academy, which includes three instructional buildings, fire truck and training equipment, was destroyed due to floodwaters following Hurricane Harvey. 

“We hope the fire truck’s continued use will inspire students in the regional fire academy to gain valuable hands-on experience in emergency response,” said Fernando Salazar, plant manager at the ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery, “We are committed to supporting education and the local community.”

The donation will allow students to gain hands-on experience with pumping operations while using the fire truck. The fire truck is a 1989 model and was completely refurbished in 2010, including a rebuilt motor and upgraded stainless steel piping. The fire truck is also capable of pumping two thousand gallons per minute. 

“Lamar Institute of Technology is very grateful to our community partner, ExxonMobil, for the donation of a fire engine to replace the one that was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey,” said Dr. Lonnie Howard, President of Lamar Institute of Technology. 

The ExxonMobil Beaumont complex maintains a team of about 140 trained, volunteer emergency responders, who take pride in keeping the complex safe and have a genuine passion for protecting employees, contractors and the community. Employment of emergency responders, which includes emergency medical technicians and paramedics, firefighters, police and security patrol officers is projected to grow 13 percent from 2014 to 2024 in the Southeast Texas region.

In order to maximize emergency response preparedness, ExxonMobil continuously upgrades equipment, including the purchase of a new fire truck that will use advanced technology, and precise delivery of foam and water, to control and extinguish any unplanned combustion events that may arise. 

As part of ExxonMobil’s partnership with LIT, ExxonMobil is also donating nine welding machines to support ongoing technical training programs. ExxonMobil has donated more than $390,000 to LIT and funded more than 170 scholarships to students since 2009.

About ExxonMobil in Beaumont 

ExxonMobil’s integrated operations in Beaumont, Texas, include refining and chemical manufacturing.   The operations have 2,100 employees, accounting for one out of every 7 jobs in the Beaumont area.

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