Teacher STEM Training program

The Teacher STEM Training program aims to:

  • Enhance the STEM knowledge of Houston-area middle school math and science teachers at Title I schools
  • Inspire new ways of delivering STEM content to students
  • Engage teachers in sustained, research-based professional development opportunities and innovative instructional practices, all at no cost to the teacher
  • Diversify the talent pool of future engineers

Aggie STELLAR, a Teacher STEM Training initiative in collaboration with Texas A&M, is now accepting applications for its summer program.

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Key program activities

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    Program objectives

    • Increase STEM content knowledge of participating middle school teachers
    • Develop pedagogical practices of STEM concepts in classrooms
    • Prioritize collaboration and networking between teachers, universities, and industry
    • Extend ongoing support to participating teachers
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Program objectives
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    Program structure and benefits

    • University-based, one-year cohort program beginning in summer 2024 and ending in summer 2025
    • 20-30 teachers selected for the inaugural cohort
    • Regularly scheduled cohort meetings
    • Participants complete aligned Khan Academy teacher modules
    • Participants eligible for up to $7,000 in stipends
    • Substitute teacher pay is covered
    • Upon program completion, participants will earn 12 university credit hours and receive a STEM certificate
    • Mentorship program
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Program structure and benefits Learn more about
Program structure and benefits

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