A voice for tomorrow’s leaders at the Women’s Forum

Our longstanding relationship with the Women’s Forum reflects our view that inclusive and productive work environments where all voices are part of the conversation create competitive advantage and enable innovation.

Inclusion and diversity (I&D) are not standalone initiatives at ExxonMobil. Both are embedded in our talent management system as well as in the culture to which we aspire. Consistent with this commitment to building and sustaining a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive work environment, we have been involved with the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society since 2009. We have sponsored the annual Women’s Forum Global Meeting since 2014, and an ExxonMobil delegation of over 50 attended the 2021 forum either in Paris or virtually.

Continuing its theme of looking at global challenges through a female lens, the 2021 Women’s Forum addressed topics including encouraging more girls and young women into STEM education, and the role of female leadership in tackling climate change.

At the heart of this year’s event in Paris was an emphasis on ensuring those who will become the leaders of tomorrow are part of the conversations shaping society. This focus on involving the younger generation in key conversations, in innovating solutions for global challenges, and participating in the decision-making processes is echoed within ExxonMobil and reflected in initiatives such as our mentorship programmes.

For the first time, the Women’s Forum this year invited delegates aged 16-25 and those in ongoing education or training to attend – opening the event to 10,000 youths virtually and 100 in-person – with ExxonMobil bringing 10 junior delegates.

“Diversity and inclusion is very important to [ExxonMobil], it’s part of our culture,” explained President of ExxonMobil Europe Philippe Ducom,” who previously attended the event. “Diversity is about the mix, inclusion is about getting all voices heard [and] it’s a conscious decision we have to make, to enable inclusion in everything we do.”

Find out more about how members of the recent ExxonMobil delegation view inclusion and diversity, the role of the younger generation in shaping the future, and what they took away from the Women’s Forum:

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