Intern and co-op assignments

If you will be starting an internship or co-op assignment with ExxonMobil, please reference this information as you progress through your pre-employment process.

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Intern and co-op assignments

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Frequently asked questions

Q: When will I be contacted by Cartus?
A: This time frame will vary depending on when your relocation is approved. Relocation is approved after you have completed your pre-employment forms (click here for additional details). Cartus will contact you after your relocation is approved but typically no sooner than 3-4 months prior to your start date.

Q: What relocation benefits will I receive?
A: Review the Relocation Guidelines provided as a link in your e-Offer letter.

Q: What is a housing subsidy?
A: It is a one-time payment, disbursed by Cartus, intended to cover the potential additional cost for a short-term lease (varies by location). It is not intended to cover your rent; it is intended to cover the uptick in your rent as you have signed a short term lease.

Q: When can I expect my housing subsidy?
A: For interns /co-ops, your housing subsidy is available to you from Cartus 6 weeks prior to your start date.

Q: Do we offer corporate housing?
A: Depending on your assignment location, you may receive corporate housing in lieu of a housing subsidy. The Site Coordinator that offered you employment can tell you if corporate housing is an option for you.

Q: How can I find a roommate?
A: We encourage you to utilize the Welcome to ExxonMobil Yammer network to find a roommate. You will receive an invitation to join the Yammer network in January. If you will be working in the Houston area, Cartus will connect you with Nino & Associates to assist with finding temporary housing and potential roommates.

Q: How are my relocation benefits taxed?
A: Upon disbursement by Cartus, all relocation payments are reported in to your payroll and captured according to the type of benefits you received. Taxation is dependent upon the type of benefits you receive as well as tax-assistance. For any tax-assisted benefits, you will also see a gross-up payment of taxes in the Payments section of your payroll statement. Please keep in mind that any taxable relocation benefits, as well as tax-assisted gross-ups for relocation benefits are considered earnings and will be reported in your W-2 accordingly. While the company does pay tax towards the tax-assisted benefits, it is not considered tax protection.

Q: How are my Relocation benefits reported?
A: All Relocation benefits are disbursed by Cartus and reported in to your payroll for tax and cost allocation purposes. You will find any payments disbursed to you or on your behalf in the Imputed Income section of your payroll statement.

Q: Can I get my first paycheck delivered electronically?
A: Yes, you can. You will be able to select your Pay Statement Delivery Option when you complete the New Hire Step after receiving the Clear-to-Start communication.

Q: Are interns or co-ops eligible for employee benefits?
A: You will receive additional information regarding eligibility for specific policies, guidelines and time reporting rules when you report to work on your first day of employment.

Q: Are interns or co-ops eligible to participate in the medical, dental and/or vision plans?
A: You will receive additional information regarding medical, dental and/or vision plans when you report to work on your first day of employment.