2021 Corporate Plan Update

Overview of corporate plans to 2027

• Disciplined capital investments held constant at $20-$25 billion per year

• Accelerates investments in high-return advantaged projects, greenhouse gas emission reductions

• New Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emission-reduction plans through 2030 consistent with Paris Agreement pathways

For reconciliation of and other information about non-GAAP measures, please refer to the presentation.

$20-25 B

capital investments per year for 2022-2027

~$35 /bbl

breakeven price to cover cumulative Capex and dividends 2022-2027

>10 %

overall return on portfolio of planned lower-emission investments

20-30 %

reduction in corporate, and 40-50% reduction in Upstream, GHG intensity by 2030

Corporate plan materials