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LDPE products and applications

Applications for LDPE (low density polyethylene) products are strong and growing. ExxonMobil versatile LDPE technology enables licensees to produce an extensive gradeslate for packaging, agricultural, electrical cable and other applications. This technology also provides specialty EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) products as well as medium-density grades, which enable licensees to choose the most-profitable markets for a specific region of the world.

Advantages to choosing ExxonMobil as licensor for LDPE products include:

  • extensive commercial gradeslate
  • polyethylene products sold worldwide
  • products for diverse applications
  • many specialty polyethylene grades available
  • product quality and consistency

Key LDPE applications produced by ExxonMobil process

Packaging, transportation and protection

  • Shrink film for books, bundling and pallets
  • Overwrap film for towels, tissues
  • Film for bakery goods, meat, coffee, frozen foods
  • Liquid packaging (milk cartons and bag-in-box applications)
  • Liners, bags and shoppers


  • Greenhouse and tunnels
  • Silage and others

Electrical cable

  • Insulation and semiconductive layers
  • Coax and HFFR (halogen-free flame retardant) cables