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Nigeria Platform

Supplier development

In addition to developing a local workforce, ExxonMobil works to develop local suppliers, which further boosts host country economic development and supports our business objectives.

We promote local capacity building by helping local suppliers meet our prequalification requirements, providing training for entrepreneurs and creating business opportunities for local small and medium enterprises. Our goal is to establish and maintain a reliable, sustainable and globally competitive supply chain wherever we operate.

We sometimes face difficulties obtaining local suppliers due to a lack of capabilities and limited local business expertise. To overcome these issues in Angola, Esso Angola, along with several other oil and gas companies, helped establish a local business center, known as Centro de Apoio Empresarial, to administer Angola’s Supplier Training Initiative (STI). STI enables local suppliers to participate more effectively in the competitive bidding processes by helping them develop adequate business plans, build relationships with the procurement departments of oil and gas companies, and improve their contract management capabilities. Through STI, companies or individuals can receive training, consulting and mentoring. To date, STI has trained 248 suppliers. Of these, 150 have met ExxonMobil’s rigorous qualification standards to become certified bidders. More than 1,650 additional suppliers are in the process of working with STI to become future suppliers.

In Indonesia, we initiated a similar program to educate potential suppliers about our bidding process and provide training. Working with the local government, ExxonMobil held the first session in November 2012, targeting approximately 80 local suppliers. The session helped educate vendors on the prequalification program and local content requirements to enable them to register for Mobil Cepu Limited’s potential bidder list.