ExxonMobil Foundation steps up the fight against Malaria in Nigeria

The Family Care Association (FCA) recently held a series of community health activities in Lagos as part of the ExxonMobil Foundation funded Nigeria Malaria Control and Prevention Programme (NMCPP).

The FCA organized malaria control workshops for health workers and community members in Lagos, and set up booths for diagnosis and treatment of malaria in pregnant and nursing mothers. The focus of the most recent NMCPP campaign was the training of community health workers on modern and effective treatment of malaria, with training sessions held at the Military Hospital, Ikoyi, Lagos Island Maternity, and Angus Memorial Secondary School, Somolu and Takwa Bay.

During the training sessions, Dr. Nwaneri Uchechukwu of the FCA spoke about types of malaria, malaria in pregnancy, congenital malaria and integrated vector control and management of the disease. At the Island Maternity, another Family Care Association volunteer, Dr. Edwards Okobi shared insights into malaria prevention among pregnant women. After the lectures had been held for community workers, treated mosquito nets were distributed to the attendees, to help them actively prevent malaria in their homes.

The Nigeria Malaria Control and Prevention programme (NMCPP) is a Family Care project aimed at reducing the number of lives affected by malaria across Nigeria. The programme commenced in 2009 and is sponsored by ExxonMobil Foundation. During year 2012 (the project’s 4th year), NMCPP set a goal to distribute 14,000 long-lasting insecticide treated Nets (LLINs), hold malaria control workshops for 2,100 health workers and malaria control seminars for 15,090 community members, test 10,000 community members for malaria and treat those who tested positive with ACTs, as well as scale up monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the disease.

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