Nigeria business publications and advertisements

ExxonMobil Nigeria communicates information about its businesses through various publications, brochures and reports.

Article Apr. 11, 2018

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Nigeria business publications and advertisements

ExxonMobil Nigeria publications

ExxonMobil Nigeria advertisements

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NGL facility offshore Nigeria.

Energy and technology in Nigeria

Meeting the increasing demand for energy poses many challenges: increasing efficiency, developing new supplies and safeguarding the environment. Technology will play a critical role in meeting these challenges. We strive to be at the forefront of technological innovation in order to prepare for the future energy marketplace.

Nigeria Article Feb. 2, 2018

School children outside building in Nigeria.

Educational initiatives in Nigeria

We have shaped our approach to focus on education at a variety of levels, such as granting scholarships and developing educational facilities.

Nigeria Article Feb. 19, 2017

Value to Nigeria

ExxonMobil is delivering social investment projects that add value to our neighbouring communities. Our footprint cuts across every sector of Nigeria’s socio-economic landscape.

Nigeria Article July 25, 2017

ExxonMobil tanker at sea.

Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited

Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL) was established in 1993 as an affiliate of Exxon Corporation

Nigeria Article June 8, 2017

Nigerian woman holding child in front of crowd.

Capacity development initiatives in Nigeria

Our multi-tiered approach focuses on developing societies through local capacity building.

Nigeria Article Feb. 9, 2017