Health initiatives in Nigeria

As a major employer and investor in Nigeria, ExxonMobil is committed to working with partners — local institutions, international NGOs and governments — to improve the state of healthcare in the nation.


Health initiatives in Nigeria

ExxonMobil affiliate companies in Nigeria are committed to working with local and international partners to improve the state of healthcare in the country. Through these strategic partnerships, the company is looking to make sustainable gains in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, malaria control and treatment, and in the provision of medical facilities and equipment to communities.

For nearly a decade ExxonMobil has been in the forefront of the fight against malaria in the country. Working through the local affiliate, Mobil Producing Nigeria, ExxonMobil has directed almost $15 million dollars to malaria programs throughout Nigeria, working through dedicated partners.

One of ExxonMobil’s partners, the Family Health Care Association, has been working for more than 10 years in the Delta Region of Nigeria. In 2011, they distributed 85,000 mosquito nets, organized malaria control workshops for over 3,000 health workers and malaria control seminars for 120,000 community members, treated 1,670 pregnant women and used the rapid diagnostic test to examine and treat 27,310 people in rural communities. This was possible due to a grant from ExxonMobil that enabled the association to engage hundreds of Nigerian doctors and thousands of community workers.

Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited, through its community projects, provides support for healthcare in the country. In 2012 Esso, partnering with a local NGO, concluded the reconstruction of the Ofu-Obi health center in Anambra state — a facility that will provide general health services and maternity care for the immediate and several neighboring communities. Esso also supplied the reconstructed health center with generator sets, an ambulance and various medical equipment in order to ensure long term sustainability of its services.

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