Operations in New Zealand

ExxonMobil subsidiaries have a business history in New Zealand stretching back more than 120 years. We are involved in petroleum refining and distribution and the marketing of fuels, lubricants and chemical products.

Article Nov. 8, 2017

Operations in New Zealand


We provide high-quality products and services daily to customers around New Zealand. Our respected Mobil fuels serve customers at over 300 service stations nationwide.

Lubricants and specialties

We deliver high-quality products and lubrication application expertise to customers around New Zealand.

Refining and supply

We are a 17.2 percent shareholder in The New Zealand Refining Company Limited, which operates the 105kbd Marsden Point refinery in Whangarei. In addition, we operate and/or supply a number of product distribution terminals and bulk storage facilities around New Zealand.


Mobil supplies about 20 percent (or 1.6 billion litres per annum) of the total fuels market in New Zealand. This includes regular and premium petrol, jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil and biofuels.

Over 70 percent of Mobil’s products are sourced from New Zealand's sole refinery situated at Marsden Point, Whangarei.

The refinery is owned and run by Refining NZ. Mobil owns 17.2 percent of Refining NZ.

Under a Processing Agreement with Refining NZ, Mobil is entitled to an allocation of refinery capacity in which it is able to refine its preferred crude oils into high quality finished products.

The balance of products supplied by Mobil in NZ are sourced from overseas, including Singapore, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Half of the Marsden Point refinery's production (about 8 million litres per day) is delivered to the Wiri terminal at Auckland via a 170km pipeline. This multi-product pipeline delivers petrol, jet fuel and diesel to meet the demand of the Greater Auckland and Waikato markets.

The rest of the refinery's products are loaded over the Marsden Point wharf onto coastal petroleum tankers — M.T. Kakariki and M.T. Torea. These ships deliver products to the various ports and terminals throughout the North and South Islands.

The vessels are chartered and scheduled by Coastal Oil Logistics Limited — a joint venture scheduling company owned by Mobil, Z Energy, BP and Chevron.

Both tankers are modern, double-hull vessels, each with a deadweight carrying capacity of about 38,000 tonnes (approximately 45 million litres).

Distribution terminals

Spread across four cities in New Zealand, Mobil operates six terminals which supply a range of bulk refined products to customers. Mobil is also a participant in two joint venture terminals with BP, Chevron and Z Energy. These are the Wiri Terminal in Auckland and the terminal at the Marsden Point refinery in Northland, operated by Refining NZ.

All of the Mobil operated terminals are supplied from imported and locally refined products delivered by ship, which includes petrol, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil. The terminals operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

At each terminal the refined products are loaded into trucks operated by distributors and contract hauliers for delivery to customers including petrol stations, primary producers, industrial and wholesale businesses and airports.

Four of the terminals also deliver refined products directly into marine vessels, which includes ferries, seafreight and fishing vessels.

Bluff Terminal is located south of Invercargill, and supplies over 200 million litres of refined products into the Southland region.

Lyttelton Terminal in Christchurch receives and stores refined products delivered by ship. Lyttelton Terminal supplies over 600 million litres of fuel through a 6km pipeline to an inland distribution terminal at Woolston.

Woolston Terminal loads trucks for inland distribution throughout the Canterbury Region.

Seaview Terminal in Wellington supplies over 100 million litres of refined products, including ethanol-blended petrol.

Our terminal in Mt Maunganui handles over 300 million litres of fuel annually. It runs the only Heavy Fuel marine bunkering operation in New Zealand as well as supplying petrol and diesel fuel throughout the Bay of Plenty region.


ExxonMobil is one of the largest producers and marketers of polyolefins in the world. In New Zealand, ExxonMobil Chemical markets and distributes a range of imported polyethylene and polypropylene.

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