Finland Oy Ab's environmental protection

In our operations, we consider environmental protection and the economy in a balanced way.

Article Aug. 22, 2016

ExxonMobil observes all laws and regulations. We are committed to the continuing development of environmental requirements in all of its activities. We emphasize the responsibility each employee has for the environment; including developing the necessary procedures and providing training. ExxonMobil informs the industry about environmental issues and works together to address any issues.

Environmental Protection Policies

To implement its environmental protection policies, ExxonMobil:

  • works with the authorities and other communities to develop regulations for proper environmental protection, taking into account the risk, cost and benefit along with their impact on the production of energy and products
  • manages and plans its operations and its equipment with the goal of avoiding damage and limiting emissions and waste to below harmful levels
  • designs, uses and maintains equipment for achieving the above goal
  • in case of accidents, takes immediate action in cooperation with the authorities and with communities in the industry
  • supports research activities that study the impact of the company’s operations on the environment, improves methods of environmental protection and promotes the our opportunities to create products and methods of operation in harmony with the environment
  • prepares necessary reports in order to measure our activities and to ensure the adherence to these policies.

Product development for the benefit of the environment

Mobil EAL Hydraulic Oil

Mobil EAL Hydraulic Oil series oils are particularly well suited for applications where the product may accidentally be released into the environment or where it is important to avoid pollution of surface waters.

Applications include manufacturing industry, forestry, shipping and, especially, vehicles.

Mobil EAL Hydraulic Oil 32 and 46 oils have been granted the German NGW (does not damage waterways) classification and the right to use the German Blue Angel eco-label.

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Overview of ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab

ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab has been operating in Finland since 1906.

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Board of Directors member in safety gear on refinery tour

Safety in Finland Oy Ab operations

It is the policy of the company to operate in a manner that protects the safety of the staff, other people involved in its activities, the customers and the general public.

Finland Article Aug. 22, 2016


ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab’s offices are located in Leppävaara in Espoo. The company operates a lubricant plant in Naantali.

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