Overview of ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab

ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab has been operating in Finland since 1906.

Article July 14, 2020

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Overview of ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab

ExxonMobil's operations rely on high-quality products, reliable deliveries and close cooperation with customers. The high quality of customer products includes rigorous processes for which ExxonMobil Finland, as the first oil company, has been granted the quality certificate under the European ISO 9000 standard. Environmental considerations in product development and in all its activities form an essential part of the expertise ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab offers to its customers. 



The ExxonMobil logo is used as a trademark when liquid fuels and lubricants are bought and transported in large quantities at one time, e.g., for the use in ocean liners and aviation. Products for local consumers are marketed under the trademarks Esso and Mobil.

However, whether the trademarks Esso, Mobil or ExxonMobil are used, the customer can be certain that the product fulfills the highest quality requirements.


ESSO is an abbreviation of the company name Standard Oil (S.O.), an oil company founded by John D. Rockefeller in 1882. In the 1970s, the U.S. judiciary imposed certain restrictions on the use of the names Standard Oil and Esso, after which the name of the company as well as the trademark were changed to Exxon in the United States. Since the 1999 merger of Exxon Corporation with Mobil Corporation, the company’s name has been ExxonMobil.

Mobil 1

Mobil’s newest products are tested in practice in Formula-1 racing. An oil compound which performs well in the Formula 1 environment will eventually find its way to the consumers.

The temperature of a racing engine running at top speed is comparable to the temperature of a standard car engine on a hot summer day. Engine manufacturers will do everything to raise the performance of their products, and Mobil naturally takes part in this technical and technological development work, with the motorist always being the ultimate winner. The car’s engine will run better, last longer and consume less fuel.


Already for over 100 years, Mobil has been making new inroads into product development. During this time Mobil has developed lubricants meeting the technical requirements set for all segments of the market. Moreover, Mobil has secured a strong position in the synthetic lubricants sector. Proof of this is that high-price category producers, such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz AMG and Aston Martin, have chosen to use Mobil 1 motor oil for the first fill-up in their production line.


Mobil Oil Oy Ab

Mobil Oil Oy Ab’s operations in Finland are considered to have begun in 1906, when the U.S. Vacuum Oil Company’s Finnish branch office was entered into our country’s Commercial Register. The company markets mineral-oil based lubricants. Mobil Oil was registered as a trademark first in 1918, and Mobil in 1934. The name Mobil Oil Oy Ab was changed on 1/1/2008 to ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab. Mobil is retained as the company’s trademark.

Oy Esso Ab

In 1920, a company was established in Helsinki, which Oy Esso Ab considers to be its predecessor company. The founders of the new company were Nobelin Öljyntuonti Osakeyhtiö [Nobel Oil Import Company] in Finland and the Finnish subsidiary of Standard Oil Company (NJ). In 1954, all shares were transferred to the ownership of Standard Oil (NJ), and then later to Exxon Corporation. The name Esso, which is formed from the first letters of the words Standard Oil (S & O), was first taken as a trademark in 1939, and as the name for the entire company in 1952. The entire share capital of Oy Esso Ab was transferred through a corporate arrangement to St1 Holding Oy in 2007.


In December 1999, the U.S. Exxon Corporation was merged with Mobil Oil Corporation resulting in a new company, Exxon Mobil Corporation, which is also the parent company of ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab.

Key Information

Our company has been operating for a long time successfully in the industries it represents in Finland. We are a market leader in lubricants and have a significant position in the chemical industry. 

Code of Conduct

ExxonMobil observes in its business operations, all laws, regulations and enforces other provisions.

Our operations conform to the highest possible business ethics, even where there are no legal impediments to different business practices. Different countries may differ in their cultures, but honesty is prized everywhere. Ethical business practices establish an image of trustworthiness, which is invaluable capital for any company.

It is important that our personnel follow the company’s principles and agree that ends do not justify the means. Employees are required to report their activities to their superiors regularly, to record their business-related activities accurately, and to assist internal and external inspectors by providing accurate data. Any deviations from the law or our Code of Conduct must be reported to the company’s management.

The requirement of ethical conduct extends to all levels of the organization. Results achieved by breaking the law or by acting against the company’s ethics are unacceptable. Even an advantageous opportunity must be passed if it requires breaching the Code of Conduct.

The company expects supervisors at all organizational levels to comply with our Code of Conduct and to carry out their work with integrity and in compliance with the Accounting Act and the internal controls of the company. Even a brief lapse can result in lowering the ethical standards of the organization. Our corporate governance is based on honest accounting, truthful budgeting, and profitability calculations.

Therefore, all of the company’s business must be laid open in the accounting and other documents.

The company submits all information and reports required by public authorities accurately, completely and within the time specified. All employees are required to provide their superiors with the information they are aware of in order for those responsible for the submissions to have all necessary information available.

Vision and Values

The goal of Exxon Mobil Corporation is to be the best oil company in the world.

As a company belonging to the Exxon Mobil Corporation Group, ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab supports this goal. This means that we strive to achieve a good operating result while at the same time strictly following our Code of Conduct in our relations with shareholders, customers, staff and society.


In the long run, we are committed to growing the investment our shareholders have made in our company. We believe that we will achieve this goal through responsible and productive business operations.


Success depends on our ability to continually satisfy the changing needs of our customers. We are committed to being innovative and responsible in offering high-quality products and services at a competitive price.


The professional skills of our staff form a valuable competitive advantage. Maintaining this advantage requires that we continually strive to attract and keep the best possible employees and help them succeed by offering training and development. We are committed to offering a safe work environment, trust and fair treatment.

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is the company’s priority. Acknowledging our responsibility, the company aims to produce services and products that continue to meet the needs of our customers.

It is the policy of the company to:

  • market high-quality products that meet the quality requirements set for them in all reasonable situations
  • perform services professionally, effectively and well
  • be truthful in all communications and to provide accurate and comprehensive information about our products and services.

Each employee of the company plays a part in the quality chain and is responsible for their own part of creating quality. The goal of the company is to further improve quality by investing in the employees’ know-how, quality thinking, prevention of errors, and interaction with customers. The company supports independent resellers selling products to end-users in the development of similar quality policies.

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ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab’s offices are located in Leppävaara in Espoo. The company operates a lubricant plant in Naantali.

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