Chad and Cameroon overview

The Chad/Cameroon development project includes oilfields in southern Chad and a pipeline system to transport crude oil to a marine terminal in Cameroon for export.

Article Aug. 13, 2017

Chad and Cameroon overview

As operator, Esso Exploration and Production Chad Inc. (EEPCI) conducts oilfield development and production on behalf of a project consortium that includes Esso (40 percent), Petronas (35 percent) and Chevron (25 percent).

We also provide project-management services to pipeline companies Tchad Oil Transportation Co. SA and Cameroon Oil Transportation Co. SA. Each host country owns shares of its respective pipeline company.

ExxonMobil is committed to investing in the countries in which we operate, and in Chad and Cameroon, we support a variety of initiatives. The ExxonMobil Foundation funded the Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs initiative, which provided microcredit funding and training for more than 80 traditional women’s cooperatives in the oilfield area. The program increased the incomes of 1,600 women in the cooperatives by an average of 75 percent. The initiative’s success prompted a second phase that began in 2012.

Project funding, along with contractor donations and community compensation micro development projects, has enabled the construction of 130 community schools, as well as 95 water wells to provide safe drinking water in villages.

Major malaria prevention and treatment programs are in place in Chad and Cameroon, with millions in funding from the ExxonMobil Foundation. During the construction phase of the Chad/Cameroon development project, the Roll Back Malaria program distributed nearly 75,000 anti-mosquito bed nets in partnership with the World Health Organization and the health ministries of Chad and Cameroon.

Exxon Mobil Corporation has numerous affiliates, with many names that include ExxonMobil, Exxon, Mobil, Esso and XTO.  For convenience and simplicity those terms and terms such as Corporation, company, our, we and its are sometimes used as abbreviated references to specific affiliates or affiliate groups.

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Chad-Cameroon project environmental protection

The project’s intensive efforts to safeguard the land, water and air that might be affected by its operations resulted in an exemplary environmental protection record in 2016. These efforts focus on a wide range of non-stop operations that start in the Chadian oilfields, include all 1,070 kilometers of the pipeline and end at the Floating Storage and Offloading vessel 12 kilometers off the Cameroon coast.

Chad and Cameroon Article Aug. 13, 2017

Operations in Chad

Chad-Cameroon production and operations

All three companies that make up the Chad/Cameroon Development Project focused many of their efforts in 2016 on adapting to the changes facing the oil industry. TOTCO and COTCO took significant steps to ensure the pipeline continues to operate reliably, safely and cost effectively. EEPCI concentrated on increasing efficiency while maintaining high operational standards and using enhanced oil recovery techniques to maximize production.

Chad and Cameroon Article Aug. 13, 2017

Cameroon rainforest supporting

Chad-Cameroon land use and compensation

With no need for new land in 2016, EEPCI continued its policy of returning land to communities. Borrow pits no longer required by the project contributed to most of the nearly 100 hectares of land that were returned to communities in 2016. At the same time it followed up on compensation programs that provide sustainable benefits to farmers whose land was used in the past.

Chad and Cameroon Article Aug. 13, 2017