Chemical operations: Europe / Middle East

About 25 percent of ExxonMobil’s global chemical capacity is located in Europe and the Middle East. Major facilities in Europe are highly integrated with large refineries, upstream facilities, and other chemical plants across the region. Together with our joint venture partner, SABIC, we have two chemical facilities in Saudi Arabia.

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Chemical operations: Europe / Middle East

Fife, United Kingdom

One of Europe’s largest ethylene producers, with capacity of 830,000 tonnes of ethylene annually, the Fife facility recently celebrated 30 years of successful operations. Last year, Fife started importing ethane from North American shale gas via a new marine terminal at Grangemouth, Scotland, to complement North Sea feedstock. Ethylene produced at Fife supplies our plants in Antwerp and Meerhout, Belgium, where high-performance polyethylene accounts for a large share of production.

Fife is one of Europe’s largest ethylene producers.

Developing innovative solutions

Combining advanced computing with our deep expertise in catalysis, materials, and process fundamentals, ExxonMobil researchers are developing innovative approaches to manufacture high-value products efficiently.

We are pursuing novel catalytic pathways and reactor designs to convert natural gas into clean fuels and chemicals, with fewer emissions, less capital, and a smaller footprint.

We are working with leading institutions to develop new classes of materials that can separate chemical building blocks more efficiently. For example, our efforts with Spain’s Instituto de Tecnología Química have resulted in the discovery of an innovative new material for separating ethane from ethylene, one of the most important industrial chemical building blocks. This breakthrough could reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent.

We are also applying advanced computational modeling capabilities to simulate how catalysts and chemicals interact with one another. This is an effort to design more efficient processes and differentiated products for our customers.

Lab technicians techs at EU Technology Center.
Photo — Lab technicians at the European Technology Center in Brussels evaluate the quality of film produced on our state-of-the-art film lines.

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Chemical operations: Americas

Approximately 50 percent of our global capacity is located in North America, including a recent expansion along the U.S. Gulf Coast. We manufacture products across all of our business lines and supply growing markets around the world.

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Chemical operations: Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific operations represent about 25 percent of ExxonMobil’s global chemical capacity, with one of the world’s largest integrated chemical complexes located in Singapore.

Digital Annual Report Report Apr. 3, 2018

Global operations

As the world’s largest publicly held international oil and gas company, ExxonMobil has a diverse portfolio of high-quality projects and opportunities across our Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical businesses.

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