Downstream value chains

Our integrated Downstream business is focused on making the highest-value products at the lowest cost in the industry. We leverage investments in technology, the strength of our brands, and the world-class capabilities of our people. Our fuels are sold in more than 35 countries, and Mobil-branded lubricants are sold in more than 130 countries.

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Downstream value chains

Integrated fuels value chain

Our Downstream organization enables us to capture opportunities across the fuels value chain. We leverage our advanced manufacturing assets to produce high-quality products such as Synergy-brand gasoline, Diesel Efficient-brand diesel fuel, marine fuels, and aviation fuels. Focusing on the end-to-end business enables integrated team members from manufacturing, logistics, technology, marketing, and sales to optimize product placement into the highest-value markets.

Differentiated fuels and lubricants to meet evolving consumer needs

Synergy Fuel Technology products are now available at approximately 80 percent of our retail outlets around the world. Synergy fuels yield better gas mileage, reduce emissions, and improve engine responsiveness.

In 2017, Synergy fuels and Mobil lubricants continued to evolve to meet the unique needs of markets around the globe. In Formula 1 racing, for example, Red Bull Racing has attributed improvements in its team’s performance to Mobil 1 synthetic lubricants and ExxonMobil’s Synergy racing fuels.

Men in front of a Red Bull Racing car
Photo — Members of the ExxonMobil motorsports technology team meet with Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen at the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix.

Retail fuels

Our brands are sold through Exxon-, Mobil-, and Esso-branded stations. In 2017, we continued to expand our retail brand presence to more than 20,000 stations around the world. For instance, we entered the Mexican market in 2017, using fuel supplied by our U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. Over the next 10 years, we plan to invest about $300 million in Mexico in logistics, product inventories, and marketing.

We continue to expand our retail brand, with more than 20,000 stations globally.
An employee in front of a Mobil gas station
Photo — We continue to expand our Synergy-branded fuels program around the world, including at our first Mexico fuels location.

Commercial fuels

Our strong commercial fuels offering serves marine, aviation, road transportation, mining, and wholesale customers around the world. These customers value our supply reliability and product quality. Our innovative Diesel Efficient fuel is designed to help improve engine performance and mileage efficiency while reducing emissions. It is now offered at more than 330 retail sites, with plans to have it available at more than 3,000 additional sites by year-end 2018. In addition, our market entry into Indonesia will grow sales by leveraging advantaged manufacturing in Singapore.

A truck at an Esso gas station

Integrated lubricants value chain

ExxonMobil is uniquely positioned across the lubricants value chain by offering a broad portfolio of basestocks, specialty products, and finished lubricants. As the world’s largest manufacturer of lube basestocks, we supply many of the industry’s other leading lubricant companies and third parties. In addition, we use a large share of our refinery and chemical production to meet our lubricants blending, packaging, and marketing needs.

We are a market leader in high-value synthetic lubricants, with record sales in 2017. Our focus continues to be on synthetics growth and investment in emerging markets. In China, marketing investments and expansion of blending and packaging capacity are supporting growth in traditional channels. We are also expanding distribution to smaller cities and growing sales through new channels, such as e-commerce, where the Mobil brand is one of the sales leaders on the Chinese web portal Alibaba.

Downstream synthetic lubricants sales growth chart

Mobil 1 synthetic lubricant continues to be the global leader in the high-value synthetic passenger vehicle motor oil market. Our Aviation lubricants business is the world’s leading supplier in the aviation industry with the only “nose-to-tail” product offer. In Marine, we offer a full range of products and services, including a global network of more than 700 ports. In the Commercial and Industrial sphere, we continue to help customers get the most out of their equipment with differentiated products.

Downstream statistical information

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