Hurricane support

The information below summarizes the programs that the Company has in place to address employee short-term personal needs arising as a direct result of a hurricane situation. In the event of a hurricane, as events take place, this information will be updated with the new information should additional provisions be added.

Please note that the programs outlined below would apply to all impacted employees unless otherwise specified. In the event of a hurricane or any type of disaster, affected employees are reminded to contact their supervisor as soon as possible to advise of their status and to discuss any needed Company assistance.

Note: Must be connected to the ExxonMobil VPN to access links to material on Employee Connect.

Note: This material applies to most non-represented, regular employees of ExxonMobil on the U.S. payroll, unless otherwise noted. Applicability to represented employees is governed by collective bargaining agreements and any local bargaining requirements. Certain divisions and affiliates may be covered under separate programs or otherwise may not be covered.