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Energy supply evolves to meet diverse demand


Energy supply evolves to meet diverse demand

  • Technology improvements lead to wind, solar and biofuels increasing, with a combined growth of about 5 percent per year
  • Non-fossil fuels reach about 22 percent of total energy mix by 2040
  • Oil continues to provide the largest share of the energy mix; essential for transportation and chemicals
  • Natural gas demand rises the most, largely to help meet increasing needs for electricity and support increasing industrial demand
  • Oil and natural gas continue to supply about 55 percent of the world’s energy needs through 2040
  • Coal’s share falls as OECD countries and China turn to lower-emission fuels
  • Nuclear demand grows 70 percent between 2016 and 2040, led by China
  • Wind, solar and biofuels reach about 5 percent of global energy demand