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Global energy demand varies by sector


Global energy demand varies by sector

  • Energy used in each sector reflects economic supply options and their general fitness for purpose
  • Electricity generation is the largest and fastest-growing demand sector, reflecting strong growth in global electricity demand
  • A wide variety of energy types will support electricity generation, with natural gas, renewables and nuclear increasing their share
  • Natural gas demand increases significantly and gains share in all sectors
  • Oil demand grows to support commercial transportation and chemical needs
3. Energy demand as used in this Outlook refers to commercial and non-commercial energy (e.g., traditional biomass) consumed as a fuel or used as a feedstock for the production of chemicals, asphalt, lubricants, waxes and other specialty products. Coal demand includes metallurgical coal. Gas demand includes flared gas. To avoid double counting, derived liquids (e.g., from gasto-liquids) and synthetic gas (e.g., from coal-to-gas) are only accounted for in their final form (i.e., liquid or gas) and not in the energy type from which they were derived (i.e., gas or coal). The fuel and loss involved in the conversion process is accounted
for in the energy industry sub-sector.