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Different policy or technology choices can impact outcome


Different policy or technology choices can impact outcome

  • Natural gas is reliable and efficient for baseload electricity generation; its flexibility also makes it well suited to meet peak demand and back-up intermittent renewables
  • The role of natural gas in the electricity generation mix varies by country: natural gas-rich regions rely heavily on natural gas-fired electricity, while importing regions balance the use of natural gas with other fuels
  • The Outlook reflects ExxonMobil’s best views of technology improvements and policy evolution; sensitivities test the impact of alternate pathways on natural gas demand for electricity generation
  • An accelerated deployment of solar and wind due to swifter cost declines and/or even more generous, targeted-support policies could reduce natural gas demand
  • Conversely, stronger public sentiments against nuclear or coal and/or a shift toward more technology-neutral carbon abatement policies could increase the role of natural gas for baseload electricity generation