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U.S. chemicals operations

ExxonMobil Chemical has three major complexes in the U.S. including Baytown and Beaumont, Texas, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These facilities provide premium products to the Americas and worldwide.

Nearly half of our global capacity is located in the U.S., where we manufacture products for all of our business lines, including:

  • Adhesion
  • Butyl 
  • Basic Chemicals 
  • Global Marketing 
  • Intermediates 
  • Polyolefins 
  • Specialty Elastomers 
  • Synthetics

ExxonMobil Chemical Headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, along with business line management.

The company’s major chemical plants are integrated with refineries and have access to feedstocks ranging from light gases to heavy liquids. These plants are also tied into the region’s natural gas liquid supply hubs, allowing for unmatched capacity to process low-cost ethane. This level of downstream and upstream integration maximizes the flexibility to process advantaged feeds into premium products.

The U.S. is also home to two of ExxonMobil Chemical’s five technology centers including the Baytown Technology & Engineering Complex in Baytown, Texas and the Akron Business & Technology Center in Akron, Ohio. The technology centers support ExxonMobil Chemical’s primary research and customer applications.