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Employees, retirees and family members annually volunteer more than 3,000 hours to the Billings and Lockwood communities, earning more than $70,000 in Volunteer Involvement Program grants for local agencies and groups.

In addition, Montana universities, colleges and schools received nearly $200,000 through the ExxonMobil Educational Matching Program, and the ExxonMobil Foundation.

Annual sponsorships, contributions and outreach efforts total more than $300,000 for important community, healthcare and education projects. Billings Refinery employees, retirees and ExxonMobil Foundation annually contributes about $100,000 to United Way of Yellowstone County.

ExxonMobil is one of top five taxpayers in Yellowstone County and refinery employees are actively involved in board leadership or advisory capacities on many community and nonprofit organizations.

ExxonMobil also continues to help build a stable local economy. ExxonMobil Billings contributes millions of dollars to the regional economy, including nearly 400 direct and indirect jobs. We pay more than $20 million annually in the form of property taxes, gross payroll taxes and other state and local fees.