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Emergency preparedness and response

ExxonMobil’s emergency response teams in Beaumont are staffed by employee volunteers supported by a core team of dedicated emergency responders.

We have a team of about 140 rigorously trained employees to ensure world-class response capabilities. Our response teams routinely test emergency notification equipment and simulate emergency scenarios with city and county teams to ensure preparation and coordination.

We work closely with the city and county to coordinate mutual aid and off-site assistance, helping to safeguard our employees, contractors, neighbors and facilities.

Stay informed

Residents can stay informed and prepared by signing up for the Southeast Texas Alerting Network (STAN) by logging on to

Shelter in place: What you need to know

In the event of a chemical release, city or county emergency management officials or other authorities may advise residents to shelter in place. This means to stay inside homes or other safe structures and secure the building until notified that the situation is safe.

Shelter in place warnings are often precautionary, but they should always be followed.

If at home:

  • Tightly close all doors and windows; turn off air conditioners, heaters and fans.
  • Students shelter in place in schools. Parents should avoid going to pick up children unless school officials direct you to do so.

If at work:

  • It may be determined that the safest course of action is to stay inside the building.
  • While some employees may make a personal decision to leave, this decision should be made with the best available information.

Hurricane preparedness

We constantly monitor weather conditions and prepare our infrastructure and people for the possibility of high winds and storm surge. We have a comprehensive plan for severe weather emergencies.

We conduct hurricane preparedness training annually. In May 2018, we conducted a two-day training, which included a meteorological overview of the 2018 hurricane forecast, and a simulated exercise. The training helped individuals prepare for their specific roles, and identified improvement opportunities.

For example, following Hurricane Harvey, ExxonMobil’s teams assisted with a temporary solution to help Beaumont restore water service to the city. Learn more about our response to Harvey.