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Beaumont’s Hurricane Harvey response and recovery

Hurricane Harvey made landfall across the U.S. Gulf Coast on August 26, 2017. The record-breaking storm dumped more than 64 inches of rain on Beaumont Texas, causing the Neches River, which borders the Beaumont refinery, to breach its levee.

ExxonMobil monitored the storm and a team of dedicated and hardworking employees stayed at the refinery to carry out a safe shutdown. Those working from home – some of them dealing with floodwaters in their own residences – relayed their expertise to colleagues who were temporarily living in those refineries, separated from their families.

The storm caused millions of dollars of damage, displaced thousands of families and resulted in the tragic loss of over 80 lives.

While more than 1,000 of our employees suffered damage from the storm, it did not stop our workforce from stepping up to assist with recovery and relief efforts. We partnered with community leaders to supply cases of water, fresh produce and other necessary items throughout the area during the aftermath. This included:

  • Distribution of 30,000 bottles of water
  • Supply of over 60 pounds of produce
  • Delivery of more than 400 pounds of toiletries
  • Mustering over 50 helicopters to deliver supplies

Read our special report on Beaumont’s Harvey response and recovery efforts in the fourth quarter edition of The Exemplar newsletter.