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Beaumont operator, Kristy

About us

Our petrochemical manufacturing facilities include a refinery, chemical plant, polyethylene plant and lubricant-blending-and-packaging plant. More than 2,000 employees work at our site, along with about 3,000 contractors depending on construction and turnaround activity.

Beaumont ExxonMobil fire captain M. Rucker

Safety, health and environment

The safety, health and security of employees, contractors and neighbors are a priority for the Beaumont complex and we hold as a value the principle that “Nobody Gets Hurt."

Beaumont workers

Workforce opportunities

Hiring locally is mutually beneficial to Southeast Texas residents and ExxonMobil’s bottom line.

helicopter provides relief supplies to Beaumont area

Emergency preparedness and response

ExxonMobil’s emergency response teams in Beaumont are staffed by employee volunteers supported by a core team of dedicated emergency responders.

ExxonMobil Beaumont and Lamar University matching gift program

Community and news

ExxonMobil devotes its energy to not only operating safely, but also to being an important part of the community. We strive to support the Beaumont area economy through community investments that spur local development and improve quality of life.

Beaumont's Krystal working

Contact information

We work around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure that we meet the demands of our customers, follow through on our commitment to safety and continually engage partners in the Beaumont community.