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Baytown refinery

Safety, health and environment

Safety is fundamental at the Baytown Complex, where we have a simple goal: “Nobody gets hurt.”

We operate under closely regulated state and federal programs that authorize certain emissions inherent in manufacturing; however, our goal is to prevent all incidents and releases. We are committed to continuous efforts to improve our environmental performance, and our record speaks to that commitment. Since 2005, ExxonMobil Baytown has spent nearly $1 billion to improve environmental performance. We have reduced total emissions by more than 29 percent and improved our air incident performance, including those that contribute to hydrocarbon flaring, by 64 percent. Since 2005, our three Baytown area plants have reduced upset emissions by 76 percent and the Baytown results have played a role in improving air quality in the greater Houston area as well.

The safety of our employees, contractors and the community is a core value, and we continuously work in pursuit of the goal that Nobody Gets Hurt. We believe in keeping people safe through our safety management systems, which offer a toolkit to analyze and mitigate hazards if they arise. Our integrated approach to safety combines ongoing identification of safe work practices with emerging technology and employee-driven management programs.

We are proud of our environmental progress over the years and maintain our commitment to improving regional air quality. As a Baytown area neighbor, we pledge to continue exploring new ways to reduce emissions and improve air and water quality. Our mission is clear: Protect Tomorrow. Today.

Learn more about Baytown’s environmental performance in our Environmental Progress Report.