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Educational initiatives

We have shaped our approach to focus on education at a variety of levels, such as granting scholarships and developing educational facilities.

MPN Scholarship Awards

Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN), operator of its joint venture (JV) with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), awards 500 undergraduate scholarships annually to students in Nigerian universities. The scholarship awards are for one academic year initially, and are renewable to cover the duration of approved study, based on the recipients’ academic performance and related reports from the institutions.

The NNPC/MPN JV scholarship is aimed at assisting the Federal Government of Nigeria in the training and development of medium and high level manpower for the country, while also enhancing a possible feeder pool of employable candidates into the company. Some of the candidates have been successful in the company’s recruitment exercise after graduation; however, there is no obligation by ExxonMobil to offer employment to the awardees upon their completion of studies.

Under the NNPC/MPN JV undergraduate scholarship program, 60% of the awards go for core disciplines of Engineering and Geosciences, while 40% are for other approved business and social sciences related studies. A total of nine approved disciplines are currently covered in the awards which are based strictly on merits as determined from the candidates' academic records, conduct and performance in the selection tests. In order to enhance the scholarship awards process and leverage on existing information and communication technologies (ICT), selection of candidates is conducted through an electronic computer-based testing. The e- testing is organized in several centers across the country.

EEPNL Scholarship Awards

Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria, Ltd (EEPNL) awards 10 foreign post-graduate scholarships annually to qualified graduates of Nigerian universities. The scholarship awards are for one academic year initially, and are renewable to cover the duration of approved study, based on the recipients’ academic performance and related reports from the institutions.

EEPNL's International Post Graduate Scholarship commenced before the merger between Exxon Corporation and Mobil Corporation, with two initial awards. In 2005, five awards were made and subsequently increased to ten in 2006. The awards are for Geosciences and Engineering disciplines. Duration of scholars' program ranges from 12 to 24 months for post graduate studies in reputable universities in the United Kingdom and the United State. The value of EEPNL’s scholarship is sixty thousand US dollars ($60,000) for a one year and eighty thousand US dollars ($80,000) for a two-year program.

In 2007, EEPNL commenced funding of post graduate studies in Nigerian universities to complement its existing overseas graduate scholarship program, and broadened the scope beyond geoscience and engineering.

NNPC/MPN/STAN National Quiz

For the past 15 years, the NNPC/Mobil Producing Nigeria Joint Venture (JV) has been the title sponsor of the National Quiz and Projects Competition, organized annually by the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN).

The STAN national quiz and projects competition aims to attract and re-awaken the interest of pupils and students in the sciences at an early age. The JV’s support is in recognition of the importance of education and underscores the premium ExxonMobil places on the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Over 1,000 delegates, comprising members from various branches of the STAN, delegates from science teachers’ associations’ overseas, competing pupils and students, as well as government officials from states of the federation regularly attend the week-long event.

Students from public schools across Nigeria converge at a pre-selected location for a week-long science competition.

Science Quiz Competition in Akwa Ibom state

MPN’s sponsorship of the Science Quiz Competition (tagged 'Schools Challenge') among secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State commenced in 2003 with the participation of 62 schools. In 2004, it increased to 124 schools and subsequently expanded between 2006 and 2007 to 365 schools to include both public and private schools in Akwa Ibom State.

The Competition aims to help improve the students' performance in science examinations, as well as encourage the study/teaching of sciences in secondary schools across Akwa Ibom State. The competition is also aired on the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Service) over a period of six months. The program demonstrates the NNPC/MPN JV’s commitment to the development of qualitative education in Akwa Ibom State.