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Business overview

ExxonMobil is a leading petroleum, lubricant and petrochemical products marketer in Hong Kong. Our business in Hong Kong covers the marketing and distribution of a full range of quality petroleum and petrochemical products, including gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), lubricating oils, chemicals, marine fuels and other specialty products.

With more than 120 years of presence in the region, today we have the largest network of petrol filling stations in Hong Kong and Macau under the Esso brand. We are also one of the largest LPG marketers, offering Esso and Mobil branded cylinder LPG and supplying approximately 50 LPG piped-in gas system sites. We are active in fuels supply to the industrial & commercial customers and the international marine fuels business, and operate two terminals on Tsing Yi Island.

A representative office of ExxonMobil China Petroleum & Petrochemical Company Limited (EMCP&P) was established in Hong Kong to develop ExxonMobil’s integrated petroleum and petrochemical manufacturing and marketing equity interests in the People’s Republic of China. EMCP&P holds and stewards ExxonMobil’s equity stake in China’s first fully integrated refining, petrochemicals and fuels marketing joint venture with foreign participation in Fujian Province.  These ventures comprise of a world scale manufacturing entity which operates refining, steam cracking and related facilities together with a corresponding marketing entity which operates more than 1000 service stations in Fujian.

Our history

ExxonMobil’s history in this region dates back to the 19th century, when Standard Oil, the predecessor of ExxonMobil, began marketing kerosene for lighting the Mei Foo lamps in China. Standard Oil products were available in Hong Kong in the 1890s with its first office in Hong Kong opened in 1895.

kerosene lamp

Our first service station in Hong Kong was opened in 1926 in Kowloon. We now sell our Synergy Fuels through a network of about 50 Esso branded service stations to motorists in Hong Kong. We were also the first to set up convenience stores at service stations in the city.

ExxonMobil was the first oil company to supply piped-in LPG to high-rise apartments in Hong Kong since 1960s. We now operate about 50 LPG piped-in gas system sites serving approximately 100,000 households.

ExxonMobil has a long-term commitment to Hong Kong. Through our products, technologies and investments, we are poised to help meet Hong Kong’s growing energy needs.

Our brands

  • Esso brand logo

    Marketed around the world including Hong Kong, Esso is known for its high quality fuels.

  • Esso LPG is a household name in Hong Kong for decades. We also market domestic LPG under the Mobil brand. 

  • Mobil brand logo

    Mobil is recognized worldwide including in Hong Kong for its advanced technology in lubricants.  

  • ExxonMobil logo in red

    In Hong Kong, some of our businesses, for example Chemicals and Marine Fuels, market their products under the ExxonMobil brand.  Chemicals also market under product family brands, such as Exxsol and Isopar.


At ExxonMobil, we believe that developing a premier strong workforce is critical to our business success. We take a long-term view on our employees’ development. Through a wide range of training and work experiences across multiple functions around the world, we encourage our employees to grow and realize their career ambitions.

While ExxonMobil provides industry leadership to help meet the world’s growing energy needs, it is committed to ethics and integrity, safety, innovation and excellence. If you also believe in these core values, please consider joining us at ExxonMobil Hong Kong.

Careers at ExxonMobil Hong Kong