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Oil Rig

From oil well to fuel pump in Guam

Every single day, a vast network of oil production rigs, storage facilities, ocean tankers and pipelines is utilized to deliver oil from often remote locations, to where it is refined into gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel and other products. Refined products are sent to terminals and then distributed to retail sites across the world. All of this happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The fuel in your car today could have started its life as a molecule of oil found thousands of feet below the ground in West Africa or the Middle East.

Guam & CNMI fuel facts

  • miles for each tanker voyage from Singapore to supply Guam and CNMI with fuel
  • times around the Equator;

    total distance travelled by the tankers to Guam and CNMI each year

  • olympic-sized swimming pools;

    the equivalent volume of fuel delivered last year to Guam and its neighboring islands

  • truck deliveries made per day in Guam
  • miles travelled by tanker trucks to deliver fuel on Guam annually