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Our history

ExxonMobil Egypt (S.A.E.), part of Exxon Mobil Corporation, has a 115-year history in the country, dating back to 1902, when kerosene was the primary product supplied. Today ExxonMobil Egypt is a market leader in petroleum products and technology.

About 115 years ago, the Vacuum Oil Company, a predecessor of Mobil, first registered in Egypt. Around 1939, an affiliate of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Jersey Standard), Exxon’s predecessor, began exploring for oil in Egypt. In 1946, Jersey Standard successfully discovered oil in Sinai and RasMatarma.

In 2000, Exxon Mobil Egypt (S.A.E.) was created as a result of a merger between Esso Standard Near East and Mobil Oil Egypt. Building on this long history, ExxonMobil Egypt (S.A.E.) has continued to be a premier fuels and lubricants marketer in the country.