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Fuels and Lubricants

In Egypt, ExxonMobil has been a pace setter in providing high quality lubricants and fuels as well as extensive convenience retail shops to meet the expectations of Egypt’s consumers.

Providing quality fuels

We serve retail, industrial and wholesale customers across Egypt using our own fuels terminals in Mostorod, Alexandria, Suez and Assiut. Our products and services in this area include:

  • More than 350 service stations to meet our customers' needs throughout Egypt.
  • More than 25 On the Run stores in Greater Cairo and Alexandria that provide fast, fresh and friendly service.
  • A robust transportation fleet of more than 50 vehicles meeting international safety standards, dedicated for direct customer shipments and transshipments between terminals.

Providing quality lubricants and specialties

In Egypt, we offer an integrated series of Mobil and Esso lubricants covering all applications and including the most advanced technology in synthetic lubricants. We are the market leader in petroleum product technology, and our synthetic lubricants are continuously upgraded to meet and exceed industry demand.

  • 95 percent of our lubricants are blended at our Alexandria and 10th of Ramadan city blending plants (ISO 9002), that operate with the most advanced automatic equipment.
  • Quality assurance systems are in place in our labs, Mex in Alexandria and El Asher in 10th of Ramadan city.
  • Our Mobil 1 centers provide motor oils for today’s high-performance automobiles and heavy-duty trucks that improve performance and help engines run at their peak performance and last longer.

As experts in lubrication technology at ExxonMobil Egypt, we also supply lubricant solutions:

  • We create industrial greases that help businesses by optimizing the performance of bearings, gears and machine components under a variety of stressors and conditions.
  • Our experienced field engineers devise lubrication programs and services to help manufacturers achieve peak performance from equipment. These include:
    • Used oil analysis
    • On-site integrated lubrication services
    • Expertise service

mobil station in Egypt

On the Run

On the Run convenience stores offer quality solutions in a clean, reliable and friendly environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find a wide variety of products, ranging from premium gourmet coffee and a breakfast that is quick and delicious to a large selection of cold, refreshing beverages as well as wide range of fresh delicious sandwiches and much more.

The bright yellow, red and blue logo of On the Run crowns every store and the forecourt of Mobil gas stations and there are plenty of parking spaces available to ensure your convenience. All our stores have one single mission: create fast, fresh and friendly store experience for every customer.

To ensure prime delivery and customer satisfaction, On the Run focuses on:

  • Finding things fast - the layout of the store facilitates an easy and quick access to products.
  • Providing fresh foods - a combination of fresh foods and a friendly environment awaits you.
  • Offering a friendly environment - careful hiring and training processes for our staff guarantee a pleasant experience for you.

Recently all our sites celebrated our 10th year anniversary with our special customers.

Visit On the Run stores and enjoy our experience:

On the Run convenience store locations