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Zafiro Blend

Production and handling
Zafiro Blend production is loaded from Serpentina FPSO. Zafiro production was merged with Topacio production in 2Q 2005. This "new" Zafiro Blend is jointly produced by Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc., Ocean Equatorial Guinea Corporation, and the government of Equatorial Guinea. This project is located central to the existing crude operations along West Africa's coast, offshore from Equatorial Guinea.

Zafiro Blend contains hydrocarbons from the Zafiro, Jade, Opalo, Sausage, and Serpentina reservoirs. Production of Zafiro Blend is currently ~120 kbd.

Load port data
Zafiro Blend will load from the Serpentina FPSO offshore Equatorial Guinea. The FPSO is located about 37 nautical miles West North West of Bioco Island at 3 Deg 48' N, 8 Deg 4' E in approximately 1560 feet of water. The nautical chart for the area is DMA-57160 (Zafiro)/BA1860.

Tankers moor to a Tandem Mooring System where VLCC’s can only load as a first port cargo. Max loading rate is 47,200 bbls per hour via a floating hose string fitted with 2 X 16" flange connections.

Approaches to the FPSO can only be made during the hours of daylight, however export tankers may un-moor from the terminal at any time.


  • Gravity 30.0
  • Sulfur 0.25
  • TAN 0.74
  • Load port Serpentina FPSO


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