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Statfjord Blend

Production and handling
Statfjord field, which came on stream in 1979, is located due west of the Sogne Fjord, straddling the UK-Norway border in the North Sea. Output is divided between the two countries, with Norway getting the larger share. Statfjord is the largest producing field in the North Sea, and it is supplemented by crude from Norway's Snorre field, which came on stream in 1992. Total crude production is ~160 kbd, of which ExxonMobil markets ~25 kbd.

Typical cargo size is 855 kb.

Load Port Data
Statfjord (61 Deg 15' N, 1 Deg 51' E): Crude oil from Statfjord system is loaded from three offshore buoys (one for each platform) to dedicated tankers between 110,000-130,000 deadweight tons.

Statfjord is marketed mainly in Northwest Europe because the crude oil is loaded offshore from dedicated tankers. The grade also occasionally makes its way to the US East and Gulf Coasts. It can be trans-shipped to the Mongstad terminal and loaded onto other tankers for longer voyages outside of Europe. Typically sold on a CFR basis.

Typical characteristics
Statfjord is a light, low sulfur North Sea crude oil which serves as a good lube crude. The quality is similar to Brent Blend, but Statfjord has slightly lower sulfur content.


  • Gravity 39.4
  • Sulfur 0.20%
  • Loading port Statfjord, Mongstad


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