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Gudrun Blend

Production and handling:
Gudrun Blend is a commingled stream from Gungne, Gudrun, Sigyn and Sleipner fields. Gudrun field production started in April 2014 and is transported from the field to the Sleipner A platform where the oil and gas are split and the oil is routed together with the Sleipner condensate to Karsto for shipping. Total Gudrun field production is ~45 kbd and is commingled with the other fields with Gudrun blend production averaging ~80 kbd, of which ExxonMobil markets ~5 kbd. Prior to Gudrun Blend, ExxonMobil used to market Sleipner Condensate, which has since been discontinued.

Shipping Data:
Karsto Terminal (59 Deg 16’N 5 Deg 31’W): lies 30 km north of Stavanger and dispatches Gudrun blend in addition to LPG, ethane, naphtha from the Karsto processing plant. Typical cargo size for Gudrun blend is 600 kb.

Typical characteristics:
Gudrun blend is a light, high naphtha, crudewith an API of ~50 degrees and a sulfur content of less than 0.1%.

  • Gravity: 49.5
  • Sulfur: 0.09%
  • Loading port Karsto Terminal


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