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Production and handling
Dalia commenced production in December 2006 and is currently producing ~240 kbd. Total is the operator of Dalia with 40% interest. Its partners are ExxonMobil (20%), BP (16.67%), Statoil (13.33%) and Norsk Hydro (10%). Nominal parcel size ranges between 950-1000KB with 2 day lifting period.

The FPSO is designed to handle 240KBD of crude oil and ~2MB of storage capacity.

Load Port Data
Dalia FPSO is located approximately 210 km off the coast of Luanda, Angola or at approximate position L-07°41'01'' south G-11°45'55'' east.

Dalia FPSO has two offloading systems:

The main offloading system includes a loading buoy, located approximately one Nautical Mile away from the bow of the FPSO. This system can accommodate tankers up to 350 KDWT. The nominal offloading rate is 38 KB/hr through two rigid steel 16" lines. Terminal can accommodate VLCC or Suezmax first or second port under this configuration.

The tandem offloading is designed to accommodate tankers up to 200 KDWT at a nominal offloading rate of 38 KB/hr. Vessels using the tandem offloading operation are generally restricted to first port only.

Approaches to the FPSO can only be made during the hours of daylight however export tankers may un-moor from the terminal at any time.


  • Gravity 23.7
  • Sulfur 0.48%
  • Load Port Dalia FPSO


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  • Dalia – PDF / 226.69 KB
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