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Brent Blend

Production and handling
Production is divided among several international oil companies, with Shell and ExxonMobil holding the largest stakes in the Brent fields, while Chevron and British Petroleum retain large shares in Ninian and Magnus. Other companies with sizeable interests include Total and CNR with many other smaller partners.

Output of ~220kbd comes from the co-mingling of the Brent and Ninian systems. The main fields of the Brent system are Brent, Cormorant, Hutton, Thistle, Murchison (22% Norwegian), and Dunlin. The main fields of the Ninian system are Ninian, Alwyn North, and Magnus.

The crude oil is primarily refined in North-west Europe, but depending on arbitrage opportunities, significant volumes often move to the US Gulf and East Coast, as well as to the Mediterranean. Typical cargo size is 600kb.

Load Port Data
Sullom Voe (60 Deg 27' N. 01 Deg 17' W), a major deep-water harbor, is the loading terminal for oil flowing through the Brent and Ninian pipelines from a group of oil fields in the east Shetland Basin. Four crude oil-loading berths are available for tankers ranging in size from 18,000-350,000 deadweight tons. The maximum allowed draft ranges from 15.9 meters at Jetty No.1 to 22.6 m at Jetties 3 and 4.

Typical characteristics

Brent Blend is a high quality, light, low-sulfur North Sea crude oil.

  • Gravity 40.1
  • Sulfur .35%
  • Loading Port Sullom Voe



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