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Community involvement

Energy and the environment

Investor relations

Operational policies and guidelines

  • Antiboycott Legal Compliance Guide
    Antiboycott Legal Compliance Guide

    This booklet provides an overview of ExxonMobil's policy that directors, officers, and employees are expected to comply with the U.S. antiboycott laws and related regulations, which restrict U.S. companies from furthering or supporting boycotts not supported by the U.S.

  • Anti-Corruption Legal Compliance Guide
    Anti-Corruption Legal Compliance Guide

    The purpose of this document is to familiarize you with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), and the principal global anti-corruption conventions that apply to our businesses. 

  • Antitrust and Competition Law Legal Compliance Guide
    Antitrust and Competition Law Legal Compliance Guide

    This booklet provides an overview of ExxonMobil's policy that directors, officers, and employees are expected to comply with the antitrust and competition laws of the United States and with those of any other country or group of countries which are applicable to the Corporation’s business.

  • Operations Integrity Management System

    The Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) is a cornerstone of our commitment to managing Safety, Security, Health and Environmental (SSH&E) risk and achieving excellence in performance. 

  • Standards of Business Conduct

    ExxonMobil's SBC foundation policies collectively express the Corporation’s expectations and define the basis for the worldwide conduct of the businesses of the Corporation and its majority-owned subsidiaries. The directors, officers, and employees of Exxon Mobil Corporation are expected to review these foundation policies periodically and apply them to all of their work. 

  • Global diversity

    Diversity and inclusion of thought, skill, knowledge and culture make ExxonMobil more competitive, more resilient and better able to navigate the complex and constantly changing global energy business. 

  • National content

    ExxonMobil's global National Content strategy is an important component of our business, and its elements are embedded into our daily processes, procedures and plans. 

Technology in our operations

  • JAMIE ALLIBAN Heavy equipment operator
    Canadian oil sands

    ExxonMobil and Imperial Oil developed this publication to provide information on oil sands production, the opportunities it presents, and our commitment to developing these resources responsibly.

  • LNG tanker
    Liquefied natural gas

    Transforming gas from its natural state into liquefied natural gas (LNG), allows it to be delivered via tanker from distant production areas to markets that need it.

  • Producing natural gas from shale

    An understanding of the extraction process.

  • U.S. ExxonMobil refining sites
    U.S. refining

    ExxonMobil is the world’s largest refiner, with facilities located in major markets around the globe. Across the United States, we operate five safe, reliable and efficient refineries.

Progress through partnerships

Today a greater number of significant new oil and gas resources are in remote areas and challenging operating environments; major projects are more capital intensive; and operating complexity places even greater emphasis on execution excellence. What remains unchanged is ExxonMobil's long-term perspective, disciplined approach to investment, technological leadership and focus on world-class operational performance.

  • 2015 Progress Through Partnership
    Progress through partnership

    ExxonMobil has a successful history of working with governments and partners around the world to help deliver the most value from hydrocarbon resources.

  • partnerships with ExxonMobil publication collage
    Partnering with ExxonMobil

    We are committed to making a positive and lasting contribution to every community where we operate. ExxonMobil has a proven record of job creation, outstanding training and career development for our national staffs, and support for local industry.

  • cover image from Socioeconomic Management publication
    Socioeconomic management

    Socioeconomic risk is something we can manage. Identifying, avoiding and mitigating potential negative impacts while enhancing benefits is integral to successful exploration, development and production operations and in developing long-term, positive relationships within the communities where we operate.